Used Double Electric Height Adjustable Desk

£365.00 + vat

Used Double Electric Height Adjustable Desk

We are pleased to offer these high quality back to back electric rise-fall desks at an amazingly low price. Each desktop has it’s own power supply, under desk cable tray, motor and controller so they can be raised and lowered independently of each other. The desks are in very good condition and all are working perfectly. Each back to back desk set comes with frame fitted partition screen. As the screen is fitted to the frame, the desktops can be raised and lowered without any worry of impeding on the screen.

Product Features
Back to back rise/fall electric desk
2 x desktops each with a scallop cut-out for cable access
2 x Under desk cable management tray (1 for each desktop)
2 x Height adjustment controllers (1 for each desktop)
Frame mounted dual colour partition screen. (side 1 is in a light blue fabric colour, side 2 is in a light fawn fabric colour)

Product Dimensions
Desktop: L1600xD800mm
Height: 740 to 1200mm
Overall: L1600xD1640mm

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